My Transcript? WTF?

E-mail Submitted by Kenneth:

Hi there.

I'm a little insulted that you haven't written to me yet.  We seem compatible in all sorts of ways.

You're a college graduate, which is nice.  Lots of guys say they are but they aren't really.  I worked in college admissions for eight years and we'd get calls all the time from employers asking us if so-and-so went to our university, and we'd always tell them the same thing: No.  I'm probably responsible for a lot of dreams being killed, lol.

That makes me wonder, if a guy is willing to lie about his education, what else is he willing to lie about?

I've come up with a simple way around this problem: I ask any guy I go on a date with to give me his transcript (original please - no copies).  The most recent one will do, I don't need to see them all.

Before you begin saying, "My transcript?  WTF???" bear in mind that it's not just for me to see that your schooling was legitimate.  I can also tell a lot about a person from where they went, what classes they took, and what grades they got.

In the spirit of fairness, I'll provide a copy of my transcript to you (for the record, I went to Auburn University).

I realize that this turns a lot of people off.  But I say to them, "If you're legit, then what have you got to hide?"  Obviously something if they're balking so!  LOL

Once this is out of the way, we can go about our merry business.



  1. Lol, my brain only works at half capacity. LOL.

  2. I don't even know most job interviews that ask for a transcript let alone someone I might date. This girl is a whacko and then these woman wonder why they are single?

  3. "I went to Auburn"

    That explains so much

  4. "Go about our merry business" eh...

  5. Jared, weren't you the one who had a date ask you for an updated copy of your resume? Jesus, bitches be crazy. You can easily pick out the ones who've been burned before and have gone into hyper-drive paranoia mode because of it.

  6. Doesn't it cost like ten bucks to get an original transcript and take around two weeks for it to show up in the mail? So this chick wants him to spend an extra ten bucks and possibly pay for dinner? Money's tight these days. :/

  7. Please, also, bring your birth certificate (original, please) and social security card. I need to make sure you're not here illegally. Don't forget to bring a copy of your driver's license! so many guys lie about their age these days! Don't worry date 2, I only need your driving record!

  8. If she worked in admissions, why was she getting the verification calls? Those would normally go to the registrar.


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