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E-mail Submitted by Annie:

I feel like I must have known you in some other lifetime.  Your eyes are so familiar to me... like the eyes of a French noblewoman who once I saw, on many a moonlit moor, long ago.

My name is Stephen, but in my past life, I was Louis XIV, sun king and regent of all France.

Before you dismiss this claim outright, I present evidences to you that have been submitted to appropriate historical authorities:

1. No less than over a dozen past-life regression experts have examined me and come to the same conclusion.

2. My knowledge of certain memories that only King Louis XIV could have known.

3. I dream regularly of gold and suns and King Louis XIV was known for both.  They were in his family crest.

4. His descendants (who would be the rightful kings and queens of France if not for the revolution of France) have gotten in touch with me without even knowing that I was the sun king.  They are my descendants.

5. When I visited Versailles, I remembered things and asked the tour guide question in flawless French, and even she was amazed at my level of knowledge.

I'm writing a book about my experiences and memories of being King Louis XIV, but I encourage you to meet me and judge for yourself.  When shall we meet?



  1. You must be a riot at parties.

  2. Now, see, this is one of those very few cases where I would have given this raisincake a date just to see. He was at least moderately eloquent, for a loon. Imagine *that* date story.

  3. ^Agreed. Annie, you denied us what would, no doubt, have been an EXCELLENT date story. Now I'll have to use my imagination, and God only knows that it won't be an 1/8 as funny as this date actually would have been.

    1. And you could have guillotined him at the end.

  4. Agreed with the above comments.


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