Love Knows No Embargoes

E-mail Submitted by Victoria:


My name is Hami and will be glad to talk to you and know you much if you don't mind and although you are very busy but I will feel honor if you share a bit of your precious time with your lover. 

With Regards

Victoria says: "Because I thought he was hilarious and wanted to see what he would say, I asked simply how he was. This is the response he sent:"

Hi honey

I am fine, thanks and you?  I have always time to talk with you my dear and will be glad to hear from you too.  I am a 28 years old single guy with no dates, I don't want to marry an Iranian lady and my parents eagerly encourage me to immigrate to US and marry an American lady because they are more intellectual and they have less expectations than Iranian ladies and they are more faithful to life than Iranian ladies.  You are exactly the one I am looking for and I believe we can get along well together. 

You are very beautiful and I love you very much because you might think bad things about me but be sure I am not from those guys to flirt with girls or to play games with them and all I want is to have a happy life together and since I am honest I wrote you everything about myself and I am happy and humorous too.

I saw your profile and got interested in you very much.

With love and Regards


  1. I pity the guy just a little - he lives in a culture that disrespects women, and I've heard that if you're not a wealthy(ish?) man in Islam, you can forget dating and marriage.

  2. He thinks American women have less expectations? Really? We live in a land of entitlement and from what I've seen, our expectations are far higher than most cultures. Where exactly did he get his info?

  3. No, he doesn't really think American women have less expectations. As an Iranian myself, I can tell you that this guy, and his parents, are eager for him to marry an American woman so he can get the green card (and eventually citizenship). The lengths people will go to obtain a green card knows no bounds. I personally know two cousins (both Iranian) who got married to each other solely because one of them had US citizenship. They got married, moved to the US, other cousin obtained legal status and poof, the divorce was almost immediate after that.

    I have countless tales to tell of my fellow Iranians ending up in unhappy marriages because their only goal in marriage was to come to the US (and Britain in some cases).

  4. ^ What state was this in? I know some states have actually made incest legal while others have not, so I'm curious.

  5. I had sex with my 3rd cousin last year...I stopped keeping count after that one!

  6. Baku, I don't think marriage between first cousins is considered incest. An uncle got married to his first cousin in PA here. Besides, the two cousins who I mentioned in my post were married off in Iran.

  7. Howie, that is very funny! The oldies are still worth rolling out, that made me laugh out loud.


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