What Lies Underneath

Story Submitted by Carrie:

It was my second date with Mark and he had agreed to pick me up at my house.  Our first date had gone well, and I liked him.  He showed up early and I told him to make himself at home in the living room while I finished blow-drying my hair in the bathroom.

When I was done, I returned to the living room.  He wasn't there.  Was he in the bathroom?  Nope.  I looked in the kitchen, too.  Where was he?  I called for him.  No answer.  I looked in the living room again. No sign of him.

I heard the sound of a door closing in the direction of my bedroom.  Then, the sound of fast footsteps and the bathroom door closing.  I went to the bathroom and asked Mark if he was okay.  He said he was and asked for a minute to finish up in the bathroom.

I waited for him in the living room, and he returned from the bathroom with a smile.  All was set for our second date.

It went all right.  Mark was a bit more self-involved and arrogant this time around, and I found myself looking forward to the end of the evening.

He dropped me off and I changed for bed and found that he had rifled through my underwear drawer.  No doubt about it.  In fact, one of my favorite pairs was missing.

I remembered hearing what sounded like him going from my room to the bathroom earlier that evening, and so I called him up and asked him, "Hey, just curious, did anything that belongs in my bedroom somehow end up with you?"  I was sure to ask it that way to give him a way out of confessing outright.  I wanted my underwear back, but I felt that embarrassing him would've been a mistake.

He paused before responding, "Yeah.  I can give them back tomorrow."

I said, "Can you get them back to me tonight?"

He said, "I'm wearing them."

I was shocked into silence.  He went on, "I'll put them in the wash and bring them over tomorrow."

I was quiet for so long that he asked, "Hello?"

I said, "You're wearing them?  What the fuck?"

He replied, "Yeah.  I'll bring them back tomorrow.  Washed and dried."

I had nothing to say beyond, "Okay."

He returned them crumpled in a ball inside of a plastic grocery bag on my porch.  I washed them three times before I felt comfortable wearing them again.  Of course, Mark and I never went out on another date.


  1. I think I would of just bought and identical pair. Nope I know I would have.

  2. Unless the were La Perla or something I wouldn't even have considered wearing them again.

  3. yep. I would have washed them with gasoline...and fire.

  4. I would have considered them lost forever if I thought some creepy guy took them and cut all contact.

  5. Five stars, minus one star for ever, EVER wearing them again.

  6. I don't think I would have even wanted an identical pair - they would only remind me of that creeper...

  7. I can't believe that she actually wore them AGAIN!!! I think that phone conversation would have gone completely different as in telling him he can just keep them and lose my number and forget my address!!!

  8. Totes knew he'd be wearing them.

    Also, men wearing ladies panties kinda turns me on, but I agree that it's bad form to steal your dates undies only the second time you go out.


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