Lights, Camera, Moron

Story Submitted by Anne:

I've acted in several B-movies and had bit parts in some larger endeavors. Suffice it to say, I'm a struggling artist, but I love the industry and I always have a good time.

I worked once with Ned, a director who seemed to be interested in more than just a professional relationship. I had a policy to not date crewmembers (as opposed to cast) and he asked me if I'd be willing to date him once the project was over. I told him that we'd see how things went.

The next day, he gave us all new copies of the script, but with all of my character's love scenes missing (there were two). He had also cut out a lot of my dialogue, some of which was actually important to the plot. In fact, all of the cuts and changes he made concerned my character.

I took him aside to ask him about it, and he said that he felt it made the script move faster. I informed him that a few things later on in the script wouldn't make much sense, but he swept these concerns under the rug.

We filmed the rest of the movie, and the day we wrapped production, he asked me out. I felt as though our artistic differences were too great for a relationship, but I didn't see the harm in going for a drink.

He drank quite a bit while we were out and confessed to me that he cut the love scenes between myself and the actor because he didn't want to see me making love to another guy.

When I told Ned that the actor and I had hooked up anyway, off set, he flew into a rage and chased me out of the bar.

I didn't ever have to see him again, but he owed me a paycheck. I called him a month later and he said he'd get back to me.

Two months later, I tracked him down and demanded my payment. He said that he'd pay me once I slept with him. I became furious and violent and threatened to rip his balls off. That changed his tune, and he wrote me out a check to cash, then and there. I deposited it right away, and it went through.

For reasons such as this, I don't date crewmembers.


  1. I have a feeling I know what most of the comments will be about. hint: something about Anne's dating policy....

  2. Not hooking up with cast members would also solve that issue. Just saying.

  3. "I became furious and violent and threatened to rip his balls off."

    I love it.

  4. Yes, she probably should just stay away from mixing business with pleasure. But wow, what a creep...pretty sure he violated EVERY sexual-harassment law there is.

  5. I'm not so sure about that Melissa... it's been standard practice for years that directors get to change scenes as they see fit.

    Unethical, yes. Illegal, no.

    Refusing to pay the actress would be dependent on her contract with him. Most actresses don't read their contracts all too well, I'm sure you could have a clause that states that physically threatening the Director at any point in time could have you thrown out of the studio without pay.


  6. Peter: Pretty sure Melissa meant the blackmail; i.e. withholding her paycheck in lieu of sexual favors. That is most certainly illegal.

  7. ^^ Yes, but his refusal to pay her happened after the production for the movie. She had done her job and therefore was entitled to her pay.

  8. Hahahaha, you guys... come on, that was obvious trolling :)

  9. 2I've acted in several B-movies and had bit parts in some larger endeavors"

    She means porn


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