I'd Believe it if You Told Me That

E-mail Submitted by Rose:

Dear Rose,

I can't get over how much you rock! When do you plan to leave your job? You inspire me. So much!

You have a great vacation planned! I've been to the outer banks before, so if you need a tour guide, then let me know! I think it's so smart of you to take a vacation there in March. No one else will be there!

I know this may come off as strong, but I feel a really deep connection to you, like we're meant to be together at once.  So here's what I think: we go on a first date, make sure the magic's there, and then you'll recall that I said that I'm taking a week off later this month to go to Florida.  If you leave your job, you can come to Florida with me! 

I know you're thinking, what a great deal!  What if I also told you that I'm the most skilled lovemaker that I've ever met?  That;'s right.  Again sorry if it comes off as strong, but we need to see if we're compatible on multiple levels and we're not getting any younger! ;)

Tell me more about your time in Spain and Portugal.  I've always wanted to visit there.  I also want to learn more about your family.



  1. "I'm the most skilled lovemaker that I've ever met"... so what he's saying is, regardless of who he sleeps with, no one can compare with dear old right hand. At least that's how I read it. After all, how else would he know he's the most skilled? He's clearly spent a lot of time... with himself.

  2. Am I the only one who hates it when people put a ";)" emoticon after making a sexual comment?

  3. ^ Baku: Your avatar is so hot, I'm burnin' up ;)


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