How About if I Just Sponsor Your Research, Instead?

E-mail Submitted by Shira:

I'd like to turn a person insideout and I'v selected you as my first subject.  IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE.  Shouldn't hurt because you'll be dead.

Interested y/n?



  1. Please tell me that was a joke? IF not then I sure hope you reported him to the police that is some scary shit there. Seriously who would actually write that to someone and not expect a knock on their door from the cops. It's like the beginning of a really bad horror movie.

  2. At least he was upfront about his intentions.

  3. Police. Now. It's 911 in case you forgot.

  4. I'm not sure if its an American thing, but most of you commentators have 0 sense of humor. The guy was obviously joking/trolling. I'd much rather get a joke of an icebreaker for a first message than the standard "So, what do you do and where do you live?".


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