Holy Moly

Story Submitted by Zachary:

I have a mole near my nose.  It's never bothered me, and my life hasn't been too troubled by it.

Someone who was troubled by it, however, was Amanda.  Our courtship started out normally.  She had a good profile on a dating site, I wrote to her, and we went out to a bar for our date.

She tossed back three martinis and pointed at my face.  "You should remove your mole."

I brushed my mole slightly with my fingertips and said, "I think I'm good."

"It might be cancer."

"It isn't.  I've had it checked."

She went direct: "Then get rid of it because it's ugly.  I really hate moles."

"I really hate your attitude.  Now drop it."

She sat back and downed the rest of her martini.  She said, "I was trying to help you."

"You're tipsy."

She looked like she was about to cry and said, "You're going to die, and I'm trying to help."

I tried my best to salvage the date after that, but she was too upset to carry on much of a conversation.  Maybe what I said was harsh, given that she wasn't in a clear state of mind.  Still, anyone who drinks enough to say what she said is someone with whom I wouldn't have been happy.


  1. sounds like you should lose the mole

  2. Seriously, it sounds really gross.

  3. Depends on what kind of mole it is. A little dot, fine. A big, disgusting thing with hair? I'd gag.

  4. If it's never interfered with his life before, it certainly shouldn't interfere now... I think the OP is in the right here... Regardless of the size of the thing, if he's comfortable with it, then that's that. Someone you just met shouldnt be telling you what to do with any of your body parts.

  5. You would have thought she'd decline a date from someone she didn't like the look of

  6. I've got two moles on my face between and slightly above my eyebrows. I hate them. HATE THEM. However, because they're not even slightly cancerous, my insurance won't cover their removal, and it turns out dermatologists get offended if you try to bribe them to lie to an insurance company. When my niece recently pointed to them and asked what they were, I pretty much decided that it's time to take my tax return and make my face normal.

    That's all.

  7. Huh, up here in Canada mole removals are free. You just have to wait awhile to get rid of them.

    I had two removed from my back. Not cancerous or anything, I just wanted them gone. However, it took a full year from talking about them to my doctor to having them removed.

  8. I'm going to talk to my insurance company and see what the exact policy is. My mom recommended a dermatologist that she likes, so maybe I can convince him to ixnay on the olesmay.

  9. I'm inordinately fond of all my moles. I have one my bottom eyelid that I think is really sexy, a tiny one on my cheek that unfortunately gets concealed by even the slightest hint of makeup, and a largish-but-regular one on my tricep. If someone told me remove my moles, I'd frown and tell him to mind his own business... that's just pushy and obnoxious. Cancer risk is between me and my doctor, case closed.


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