Romance Isn't Dead. It's Just Sleeping.

E-mail Submitted by Larry:

Dear you:

I've decided that it's time to turn over a new leaf.  I'm 38, I've been looking for love for years, and have discovered the truth - that it doesn't exist.  Marriage is nothing but a business partnership: one person wants one thing, another wants something else, and it's just a mutually beneficial relationship.  Sex, money, domination, whatever you want, you can find in a marriage.

Your profile says that you work in the legal field.  I propose that we call a spade a spade.  You might be wealthy, and I'm attracted to wealthy guys.  I'm a model.  If you're attracted to attractive women, then perhaps we can work something out.

I'm tired of pretending that companionship is anything more than a business proposition.  We both want something, why not reach out and take it?

I don't do sex more then three times a week, and I want to see you at least once a day.  No kids.  I think that's reasonable.  What do you offer?



  1. Did you offer her the door?

  2. She kind of is calling it like it is, but then again, I'm cynical! Still, some men might find this a very attractive proposition.

  3. Three times a week? Deal breaker right there.

  4. @Zuben, yes some men might find this deal attractive, IF she weren't 38.

  5. Protspeck- What does her age have to do with it? I think it would be more unattractive if she were 22 saying this. I'm sure by 38 there are enough men out there that have come to the same conclusion that they like her no bs attitude.

  6. Face it, she's 38, how attractive could she be to share your wealth with (assuming he is wealthy), beauty fades fast, he'd have her for a short time and wouldn't be worth the divorce settlement.
    If he was interested in something like that he'd go for someone in their 20's.

  7. I call fake. Everyone knows that you're too old to model when you get to be 23.

  8. Could be a hand model... eye model... the before picture for cellulite creams...

  9. 38 is still young and many women are beautiful and youthful looking in their 50's these days, you assholes.

    Krista sounds like she's been through a bit of nastiness and I give her credit for still putting herself out there.

  10. Putting herself out there? She's essentially whoring herself out there for a guy with money.

    wait, not essentially...that's exactly what she's doing and being quite upfront about it to boot.

  11. Gold digger? Perhaps. Gold diggers in my mind are lying, cheating, do anything they can to get what they want bitches, out to steal my inheritance. Which, before you say anything, I don't really want, I just don't want THAT bitch to have it.

    I actually have more respect for prostitutes when $200 equals two hours.

  12. Apparently Ashley (and maybe Nikki though I think she was being sarcastic) has never heard of Carmen Dell'Orefice. She started modelling when she was 13 and is still on the runway now that she's 79. And she's still beautiful.



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