Flowers, Chocolates, Nuclear Weapons

E-mail Submitted by Trina:

hey you know i don't have misseltoe but we can still find a good place to kiss and make each other so glad into the night.

i want to worship at your feet and in exchange you'll give me worship also.  i'm like an altar of love, my fires burn all around me so high thaT THE trees around us set on fire, too.  we'll flame up the world with our love and when everyone's screaming for us to put it out THAT IS WHEN WE DON'T PUT IT OUT, only we KEEP GOING.

that's my kind of love and i think you're the kind of girl for me to share it with.  our loves will burn together, forever, because the fire never goes out.... only everybody else....



  1. i like your blog! feel free to check mine out at



  2. ^I thought we had finally rid ourselves of spambots long ago. *sigh*

    RE: the email - someone is doing a poor job of pretending NOT to be a pyromaniac/drunk.

  3. That's just twisted.

    I can see this guy chasing fire trucks around the city and just standing there... watching... smiling...

  4. I'm thinking the fire that never goes out is herpes...

  5. No, he meant everybody ELSE goes out because clearly, he {AKA Sparky} is NOT getting any dates.


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