Because a Talking Rat Would Be Preposterous

E-mail Submitted by Theodore:

You asked me why I wrote "other" on my profile about religion.  Now I am ready to tell you:

In my third grade English class, we had an aquarium, and we all had a chance to name a fish.  I named mine Nicodemus after the rat from The Secret of NIMH.

I taught him how to talk (the fish, not the rat) when no one else was looking, and he could predict the future!  He told me when my parents would die and when I would die and what I would be when I grew up and all about future wars.

I was going to show him to my friends, but the next day he had died.  I'm totally serious that I knew a prophet fish.

I knew Nicodemus for such a short time, but he has impacted my whole outlook on life, and makes me truly value each day as if it was my last.  If one fish could know so much, imagine what the rest of everything has to teach us.



  1. ...did he tell you that we were destined to be together? Because if so, that fish was a f*ckin' liar.

  2. This reminds me of a student-written play I saw at my liberal arts college. The only thing I really remember from it was that an exboyfriend of mine played Fod, the Fish God by holding two fish wind-kites (on sticks) and walking back in forth in a "swimming" fashion. After you were done praying to Fod, you said, "A-fish." Oh! And he "Fried for your fins." Inside joke for years.

    Perhaps Fod visited her in mortal fish form and made her a prophet?

  3. yeah the fish could talk and all, but did his predictions actually come true? That's the important part.

  4. If the fish told him when he would die, why does he have to value each day as if it were his last? He's KNOW which day would actually be his last.


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