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E-mail Submitted by Helen:

Dear you:

Its nice to meet you and i hope its nice to meet me.

I lost two cars because of gambling but dont worry i know ill get the money back.  Im taking a trip to Las Vegas!  I have a system that will beat the casinos so fast.  I just have to make my money back and then its easy from there! 

What i guess im trying to say is that to g on this trip id like a companion, someone soft and sweet, someone wholl understand how important this is, wholl be next to me like a good luck charm!  lol!

If youll lend me just $1,000 i know i can win it all back and then some.  Think of how happy youll be in a penthouse sweet looking down over the Las Vegas strip!  And to think it all started with just $1,000 your dollars!

Your profile says that you are nice and like to help people.  Can you maybe prove that???

Big help and thanks.  So much appreciated and thank you.



  1. You lost what!? Two cars!? How do you not stop after one!?

    Ugh, and you have a system that's gonna beat the casinos, huh? Unless you have Rainman for a brother, excuse me while I walk away.

  2. The hubris/desperation of people like this would almost be laughable if only it weren't so sad.

  3. The system is to use $1000 of someone else's money to gamble :)

  4. ^ Yeah coz it's OK if it's a skanky old bearded celebrity.

  5. One has to wonder why he didn't implement this "system" before losing two cars, instead of after. Also, does she have to pay for that penthouse suite as well as putting up the $1000?

  6. ^Duh, just the deposit. Once he wins all that money, he'll be able to return her deposit, pay for the room, AND the minibar expenditures! After all, he's a gentleman.


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