And My Brain Is from Target

E-mail Submitted by Rosie:

Ah you're Welsh I'm 0% Welsh but I like Welsh women. I've always wanted to visit Welshland. Have you ever visited your home country?

I'm from Spain and England. Not my body. My blood is. Do you see a male doctor or female doctor when you go to the doctor? Serious question why. Did you should read my profile. I read yours and I like it you're Welsh.

I've heard good things about Welsh women. I have a lot of faith that we'd get along. Anyone ever call you Welshie? You said a nickname in your profile but Welshie is better.

Do you like Welsh's tomato paste? Haha no Welsh's makes grape jelly. Sorry if I say too much about you being Welsh but I hope you're as glad of your heritage. I am.

Let me know if or WHEN you want to meet or I guess learn more about me.


Rosie says: "No clue what he was talking about. I'm not Welsh."


  1. Just the fact that she's not Welsh makes this hilarious instead of just weird.

  2. ^ I think it's a province of Canadia.

  3. Dunno about "Welsh's" making grape jelly but I know "Welch's" does.


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