Whyfore Does the Groom Shift So Uncomfortably?

Story Submitted by Thom:

A couple years ago, a friend of mine was having a large party to ring in the beginning of the semester. I agreed to go, despite hating large parties with lots of drinking involved. I was surprised to meet a very attractive young man there named Ryan who was completely sober and standing by himself.

I introduced myself and we spent a few hours talking about a million things, but ended on films. We had very similar tastes in entertainment so I was surprised when he hadn’t seen my favorite movie of all time. I innocently (no, really!) invited him back to my place to check out the movie and get away from the drunk crowd.

We arrived at my place and I threw together some food and for at least an hour we enjoyed the movie while snacking, making jokes, and "accidentally" scooting closer to each other. Ryan was very charming and I’d already found myself completely smitten with him. But as much as I wanted to allow it, when he tried to get kissy with me, I asked him to stop.

I explained to him that I wanted to get to know him better before being intimate in any way, and he was kind enough to respect that. We finished the movie, exchanged information, and parted ways, but not before setting up a real date.

The following morning I went to my sister’s house to tell her all about Ryan. As I described him she began to get that I-know-him look and asked me a few questions. Sure enough, my sister did know him. He fit the description of the Ryan she’d been dating for the last few weeks, right down to the phone number.

She confronted him, but whatever he said must have worked because they announced their engagement last week. My parents are both urging me to tell this story at the wedding, or to at least offer to go on the honeymoon.


  1. Sounds like she's trying to get Ryan into shit coz he won't go out with her.

  2. ^ Apparently not, seeing as they are engaged . . .

  3. I agree with Aysel. It's not like you misunderstood Ryan's intentions that night.

  4. Maybe she's okay with her husband swinging both ways. File under: kinky things you don't want to know about your sister.

  5. Didn't realize at first that this story is written by a GUY.

  6. I think most people missed the "Story Submitted by Thom" and "Written by a Guy"...

  7. I did miss that, but it doesn't change anything. He's still a two-timer, no matter what gender he wants to cheat on his soon-to-be-bride with.
    It's actually worse because he needs to figure out his orientation; hopefully before they have kids!

    1. Being bisexual does not mean you need to "figure out your orientation". But it also doesn't give you a free pass to cheat.

  8. He said that Ryan and the sister had only been dating a few weeks. It's highly possible that they simply hadn't made the relationship exclusive yet, and she thought it was assumed and he didn't. It could have been a simple communication error that was resolved by talking it out, and Aysel is just assuming that she sister is an "idiot" pushover.

  9. You must be the 'she sister'. Correct me if I'm wrong but if a man tells you he's not gay and in fact, wants to marry you, right after he tried to make out with your brother...you're either an idiot for getting involved in that whole untruthful mess or a pushover. Or both.

  10. i think some of you may also have missed the point of how this story happend 2 years ago but they got engaged recently.

    although i have to admit i missed the bit about "written by a guy" myself...

    also, why figure out your orientation? He can be Bi, he doesnt have to be exclusivly homo/hetero. And college is a time for experimenting...

  11. I'm bisexual, married, and monogamous for the last 9 years. The gender thing means nothing, I'm sure.

  12. Agreed with the swinging comment from above... While NOT something most people want to know about their siblings, there are many couples into that. Some wives will be 'wingwomen' for their husbands and vice versa.


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