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Story Submitted by David:

Dolores and I planned a date a week in advance.  We had spoken every couple of days for a while, but in the week leading up to the date, I didn't hear from her at all.  I left a few messages, wrote her some e-mails, and never heard back.

We had agreed on a day for the date, but never on a time or place.  As such, when the evening of that day rolled around, I considered the date canceled.  I tried her once more, and it went to voicemail.

She called me the next day to say hi, as if we hadn't missed a week at all.  I was glad to hear from her, as I had been worried.

"Oh, one of my friends surprised me with a trip to Miami Beach!" she said, "It was awesome!"

I asked her, "Did you have cell phone access while you were there?"

She said, "Yeah, but I left it off most of the time.  Sorry!"

I told her, "I left you a few messages.  Last we spoke, we had a date scheduled for last night."

"Oh my God," she said, "We did, didn't we?  I'm so sorry.  I was in Florida.  Miami Beach."

She was less attractive to me by the second, and I was ready to take my losses and go home.  Then, she said, "Want to do lunch today?  Let me make it up to you.  My treat."

At lunch, she showed me a lot of photos of herself with a tall, super-tanned guy.

She said, "It was a total surprise, and totally last minute.  I'm really sorry," she repeated, "And I was kind of a bad girl."

I asked, "You two have sex?"

She pursed her face in mock contrition and nodded.

Then, she said, "But he and I are just friends!  It would never work.  I still want to date you!"

I said, "That's nice.  Good luck out there," and left on the spot.

A huge, apologetic e-mail arrived from her that night.  I read nothing of it before deleting it.


  1. Uh how do you know it was an apologetic email if you read nothing of it? For all you know it could've been a huge How dare you/Fuck you/I'll need to talked about my previous relationship over and over and for a long time/You're ugly/Buy me a $600 hat/etc email.

    I'm sorry excuse the cynicism. I'm a seasoned avid reader of ABCOTD so any faith in human nature is like practically non existent.

    .. almost forgot, OP dodged a callous self-involved bullet, fat bitch, etc.

  2. I'm with Sawyer, how do you know the email contents if you didn't read it?

    Also I don't believe anybody is capable of deleting emails / throwing out letters / etc without reading them. I base that purely on the fact that I'm not capable of it.

  3. @Melissa


    Captcha: "Sceti" (I think I'll do this for every comment from now on).

  4. She spaced on the date and tries to make it up to you by buying lunch, that's fine, everybody makes mistakes and she did the right thing after.

    But she really didn't need to mention sleeping with that other guy. And really, so what if she did? It's not like she had already promised herself to you. Up until the point where you are "dating/together", she can do whatever she wants.

    The OP was just pissed that she didn't call.

  5. Oh yeah...well, I didn't read the story above....I went right on past it to the next story.....but I can't believe the nerve of that snatch for going to Miami with a super tanned guy....but I didn't read the story!

  6. @theMediator

    What she did was beyond rude. You make plans with someone, you give them a call to cancel if you have to cancel. She forgot all about him and rubbed his face in the fact that she had a great time without him. The OP really dodged a gun-fired projectile on this one.

  7. I guess she figured that full disclosure was warranted before going on with the date? But yeah, there's no reason to bust out pictures of the crazy-hot guy you fucked on a surprise vacation you went on when you were supposed to be having a date with someone.

    Only way I can figure that he knew it was an apologetic email without actually reading it was that the subject line was something like, "I'M SO SORRY I DITCHED OUR DATE TO FUCK A HOT DUDE ON THE BEACH!! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASEEEEEE FORGIVE ME AND DATE MEEEEEEE!"

  8. @JMG

    Yes, she should have called to cancel, but one can forgive someone for getting excited about being surprised with a trip to Miami. However, she should have lied about who she went with and what they did there.

    Guaranteed the OP would have felt differently if she hadn't mentioned the fuck-buddy.

  9. @Sawyer86: Why did you include "fat" in the list of this woman's negative characteristics? The OP said nothing about her looks at all - we have no idea if she's thin, heavy, pudgy, average etc.

    And even if she were heavy, why would that be a negative personality characteristic equal to "self-involved"?

  10. @Irene - 'cause that's Sawyer. What I'm wondering is what the word bullet means in this context.


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