What's Eating You?

E-mail Submitted by Charlene:

I did a search for "adventurous" and "eating" and your profile's one of the one's that came up.  I'm on a quest to try one different food per day for a month and I want to try human flesh.  Problem: can't easily buy human flesh in stores.  I'm looking for someone to let me try a small, small piece of them.  I'm talking smaller and a fingernail sized chunk.  I just want to try it for curiosity.  I'm not a cannibal but I want to try different things.

To pay you I can offer dinner at the restaurant of your choice depending on cost.  It won't hurt because I know of a place on the body (near buttocks) that doesn't have as mahy nerves and won't hurt as much.  Wear cool underwear.

I'm not looking for a relationship or even necessarily a date but it would be nice to be friends after sharing something like this. 



  1. People do things alone that they would never do in front of anyone else. The anonymous options available to anyone on the Internet and the personal, confession-friendly nature of e-mail makes me think that a lot of us live much closer to such people than we'd like to think.

    That gleam in your neighbor's eye – friendliness? Or RAVENOUS HUNGER?

  2. can·ni·bal (noun) \ˈka-nə-bəl\ : one that eats the flesh of its own kind

    You, sir, are a cannibal.

    Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cannibal

  3. I believe there is an organization that can be of service to homeboy. I believe it's called "Elite Hunting". As if that wasn't going to be his next step anyway.

  4. Trolls get more and more creative every day. At least this one uses proper spelling and grammar.

  5. Not that I would EVER consider that, but speaking hypothetically - "dinner at a restaurant of [my] choice depending on cost" doesn't sound like a very fair trade. It should be regardless of cost.

  6. I've spent YEARS trying to tone up my butt with boring old exercise. He'll give me a smaller ass and buy dinner (at a reasonably priced restaurant- I'm no gold-digger)- he might just be the perfect date!

  7. There are people who have cooked and eaten small pieces of their own flesh. I'd probably do so out of curiosity if I knew how to do it safely.


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