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E-mail Submitted by Joe:

You seem like a nice guy.  I'm just out a long relationship that I've been in since high school.  We were each other's first, but he cheated on me and now I'm back to being single again.

I'll find it hard to trust a new guy and since I was in that relationship for eight years it might be hard for me to trust you but I think that I can do it.  You just have to help me.

He was pretty mean to me at the end and I want someone who'll be nice to me, someone opposite him.  If he was mean, I'd want you nice, if he was cheating, I'd want you not cheating.  If he was ignoring me, I'd want to be the center of your world.

I'm not asking too much just a chance is all.  I'm going to want to talk alot about what he did to me because I'm still processing and getting over it.  I think I can do that best with someone else and not alone.  I might have to talk about it over and over and for a long time but that's part of healing, right?

If you're patient and not mean and can be very patient with me, write back.  Let's work through this together.



  1. I'm going to take a swing in the dark here and say that Geraldine's not quite over her ex, I could be way off though.

  2. ^ I'm sure if you talk about it enough with her, you'll figure it out, Sawyer. It might take a while, though, but that's part of the forming opinions process.

  3. Egads. I was going to try to give her some credit for being open and honest until I got to "I might have to talk about it over and over and for a long time" bit. No, no, no, no. Just no. Get a cat, it's going to be cold this winter.

  4. I kinda want to know if this email was sent cold, or if it was a reply to something Joe sent. Much more awesome if it came out of nowhere. If it's a reply, I have to wonder if it's her canned "I'm not interested in you" response :)

  5. I think she's confusing her desire for a boyfriend with her need for a therapist...

  6. I'll give her a little bit of slack because 8 years is a long time. But if you want to talk about it and process it (over and over), well, that's what friends are for. Though there is the possibility she doesn't have any of those.

  7. Nikki,

    If only people were that honest. It would make dating so much easier.

    Maybe "I might have to talk about it over and over and for a long time" was her code for lots and lots of screwing.

  8. ^While she cries out his name and sobs then huddles in the fetal position after coming, whether he came or not.

  9. Doesn't she know you're always supposed to break up with your high school boyfriend?


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