Poets and Plagiarists

Story Submitted by Leona:

Nelson was a bright guy who claimed that he liked writing poetry.  On our first date (this was after we had messaged and called each other back and forth for a month), he brought me a poem that was very heartfelt and well-written.

Between our first date and second date, he e-mailed me another poem, and on our second date, he handed me another one.  They were all filled with beautiful imagery, and he claimed that it took him a long time to write each one.  I was very impressed.

I also had a vague funny feeling about him, so I typed in a line from one of his poems into Google.

Results came back with the exact phrase for every one, every line, of his poems.  He had plagiarized them all, most of them from one site in particular.  A young woman's personal webpage!

Before our next date, I printed out the poems from her site and put them in my bag.  When Nelson pulled out his "latest work" to show me, I told him that I had written a poem for him, as well.

He was very excited at that statement, and I pulled out the page I had printed that corresponded to the poem he had just given me.

"This is weird," I said, "My poem is exactly the same as yours.  What does this mean?"

He became furious.  "How dare you Google the poems I gave you!  You've got a lot of nerve."

I said, "I think it's nervier to pass off someone else's work as your own and try and manipulate me.  That doesn't strike you as nervy?"

"No," he said.

I was done with this guy.  I collected my printed out paper and left him there with his plagiarized poem.


  1. You think your first clue would have been when they all started out "Roses are red...", no?

  2. You tell her Sawyer86!

    One day I was going through a tattoo artist's portfolio and I saw a tattoo of a male angel that I have, splashed across this woman's entire back. I pointed it out to the artist and told him I had the same one (much smaller!). He looked confused and said "That's funny, because her boyfriend was in here too and he had made a big deal that he had designed and drawn it just for her!" I wrote down the name of the design book I had gotten it out of and we had a good "what an asshole" laugh about it.

  3. How dare you see through his lies!

  4. I lost it at "What does this mean?" Nice one OP :D

  5. Melissa, some people see double rainbows... some people write the same poems as other people.

  6. Finally something good to read around here.

  7. @Pk

    Agreed. The stories for the past year and a half have been positively awful. At last, a story about poetry to make us both glad.

  8. @Pk

    I'm fairly certain that you have no sense of humor if you found no joy in the email about the woman who randomly chose some guy to ask if she and her kids could move in with him. Or all the emails from audacious people who feel the need to overly criticize someone's profile. Or ESPECIALLY the dude who was fucking that girl and then posed the three AWFUL secrets about him.

    Then again, some people just don't appreciate the high-brow humor of ABCotD.


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