You're About to Have an Eighth

E-mail Submitted by Ashley:

Man women on this site are FLAMING HOTT

You have seven holes.  My tongue belongs in all of them.



  1. It's amazing what a difference a comma (or lack thereof) makes in a sentence!

  2. this is why i stopped online dating...which means i stopped dating in general : (

  3. ^Awww...that's sad vegaschick...You have to think that 'assuming' you are a normal person who'd be a good catch, there's a member of the opposite sex who's in the same boat as you. Guys have to go through a lot of crazies themselves...be it online or otherwise!

  4. WHY WOULD HE PUT HIS TONGUE IN HER EAR HOLES OR NOSTRILS?!?!? I mean, I'm not a fan of ass to mouth, but I respect that there are some people out there who enjoy some tossed salad. Cunnilingus is great, as is French kissing, but good GOD.

    I guess it could be worse: he could have wanted to lick her eyeballs.

  5. wait, so did you guys go on a date?

  6. So he's not counting the urethra?

  7. ^^Good point.

    Can the belly button count as half a hole? What if she has piercings?

    I mean, if you're gonna tell a strange woman on the internet that you're gonna lick every hole she's got, then you better go big or go home.

  8. I guess somebody with a Colostomy is shit-outta-luck with Stan, eh!?
    As if they aren't going through enough already....but to be shunned by Stan and his 8-holes limiting tongue! Pity.

  9. OOH! Just thought of a new hole: TRACHEOTOMY HOLE FOR SERIOUS SMOKERS!!!



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