Sensitivity Is a Lonely Word

E-mails Submitted by Charlie:

I can't stand how every guy on here writes "my friends say that I'm sensitive" Give me a break!!  The last sensitive guy is Patrick Swayze and he's dead.

So go on.  Impress me.  How are YOU sensitive?



Charlie responds:


Why'd you write to me.  I haven't written the word "sensitive" anywhere on my profile.  I'm probably the last guy who you'd ever consider to be sensitive.  I bite off kitten heads.



Audrey responds:



  1. A steady diet of trashy talk shows and fast food will turn an unborn fetus's brain into mush, producing effects similar to Audrey's nonetheless-awesome email and subsequent reply.

  2. Dear Audrey (ODD-rey?)
    I'm so sensitive, I'd love to give you a 'mini van'
    2 in the front and 5 in the rear!


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