An Element? Ooh. Dealbreaker.

E-mail Submitted by Ali:

That's a great picture of you rock climbing.  Where was that?

I have a lot of money (inheritance + owning a business=$$$$$) so I can go climbing when and where I want.

You may be surprised to learn that your rock climbing outfit is wrong.  If I take you climbing then it will be time for a new wardrobe for you.

I studied mathematics in college and it's been a wild ride.  You know what they say about mathematicians (their penises are bigger.... j/k!)

Do you have any other pictures of you climbing?  I also like hitting the beach and have a honda element.



  1. I'd challenge him to prove his conjecture that his life, as a direct result of studying mathematics, has been a "wild ride."

  2. I had to look up 'honda element'. That is a truly ugly vehicle.

  3. Nobody with $$$$$ would own a honda element ... but a mathematician might

  4. Ohhhhh...a wild ride? Geezus...he's a mathlete!

  5. Few months ago I was at a traffic light behind an Element. It had a cute bumper sticker that said "You've just been passed by a toaster".
    Beyond that, there was nothing else endearing about that vehicle.


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