Nikki discovered these messages purportedly from everyone's favorite whistle-blower on Gawker

What do you think?  They legit?


  1. While I am generally not a fan of this guy, and am finding it hard to be un-biased about him, I think that the recipient publishing one sided "email exchanges" and saying she cannot produce her responses amidst his sex scandal is real fishy, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

    The emails reek of an over-read/undersexed nerd, sure, but how can you fact check these sorts of things?

  2. I thoroughly support Julian. I'm not at all surprised by these sexual allegations. That's always what happens when someone blows the whistle on our corrupt, lying gov't: They suddenly are accused of rape or some sort abuse or they are constantly referred to as a nut. Obama promised us a transparent gov't and didn't deliver; Julian is setting the record straight.

    Go Julian! I commend you for your bravery in defying our gov't; you are a true American hero!

  3. ^...I wouldn't go that far, Baku, although I do find the guy interesting (although a little creepy; he's like a normal-looking albino). When I sent these to Jared, I was also viewing them with a grain of salt; why couldn't the female recipient post HER replies as well? If they kept going back and forth, her emails should have been attached to his. Hopefully Julian will get a chance to leak her emails and we'll see where the cards lie.

  4. I'm disappointed that these would be posted here. Part of what makes this site entertaining is the anonymity. We get a look into people's lives without publicly humiliating them. Revealing the identity of someone here is just cruel, regardless of their newsmaker status.

  5. @ihasgoodgrammar:

    Assange is arguably a public figure. He makes a living off of exposing secrets. Whether or not you agree with his works or methods, it would be hypocritical to give him special treatment. This site publishes sketchy e-mails. These are sketchy e-mails.

    1. Indeed. If Julian leaks others' secrets, he should expect that others will leak his.

      (For the record, I doubt that these are authentic.)


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