A Good-for-Something Creep

E-mail Submitted by Blair:

i'm going to be level here...

Your profile:
"I'm looking for a REAL MAN"
strike one.
all men are real you want someone of a specific character that's different, putting people down cause they don't fit your mold of reality, tough shit.

"bunch of good-for-nothing creeps."
strike two
any girl who uses the creep word just because she gets attention.

Getting nasty mail cause you put people down by virtue of the above, is a consequence of lack of foresight.  Give me your number/AIM, etc... we can go for a coffee and you can blow me after.


  1. HIlarious. Strike Three: He made all good points
    Womans profiles of thoes sites are always BS.

  2. Yeah, because women love giving BJ's to people they've just met. It's so much fun and rewarding that if we could, we'd give them to all the hot guys we encounter. It's even better if they don't know our names and quickly leave while we're pawing their spunk out of our hair. Bliss I tell you.

  3. Am I the only one who recognized that his line about the going out and getting a blow job was dripping with sarcasm? He was saying that to her, not because he actually wanted/believed it would happen, but because he was treating the girl the way he thought she should be treated: like trash. Cheap and easy.

    I have to agree with him, although I'd use better spelling and grammar, of course. Women who are looking for "real men" are obviously damaged goods who've been burned one too many times and are going to be unfairly judging any guy who tries to take her out. She's never going to trust them and will eventually end up as the unfortunate antagonist in another story on this site.

  4. lol, thanks Nikki. For a second I thought no one actually got his joke. He could've done it better, but sorry, his points about that sort of profile are right.

  5. I got, it was just lame. He was attacking her from the get-go and only proved her point.

    It would have been funnier had he pretended to be interested and then threw in that last line. But the attack and the zinger both didn't work for me.

    I didn't think he had a good point. Tough shit, you just want attention so I'm sending you a nasty gram is just being a prick.

  6. Damn Blair, at least you could have gotten a mouthfull of man gravy out of it.

  7. Good thing she found a "real man" and not a "good-for-nothing-creep" to respond to her profile...


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