Trunk Punk

Story Submitted by Fern:

Carl showed up for our date in an obviously bad mood.  I asked him what was wrong.

He said, "My stupid parents keep yelling at me to clean out the trunk to the family car.  They seem to forget that until I get my own car, I have to use theirs, and I'm 23, so I should be able to keep the trunk the way I want it."

He yammered on about it all through lunch, and during that time, he had the idea that I should take a look at his car's trunk to tell him what I thought about it, myself.

He led me to his car, a beige sedan, and opened the trunk.  It was packed to the brim with tools, tarps, and bags.  I stretched the truth a bit and told him, "Well, it's organized."

He pointed at me and asked me to climb into his car, as he wanted to take me somewhere.

I asked him if I could follow him instead, as it was only a first date, after all.

We drove to a house not too far off and parked.  We left the cars and he led me up a walkway.  He said, "This is my house.  I just need your help for a sec."

We went into his kitchen and he called for his parents.  They arrived and he turned to me.

"Tell them," he ordered, "Tell them what you said about the trunk."

I was so embarrassed that I didn't even want to look his parents in the eyes.  But somehow, I did.

I said, "I said it was organized, and," I stopped myself.  Why was I defending such an asshole?

I finished, "But it's filthy, and you've got to clean it out."

His parents looked at him, his mother with a smile.

He said, "Fuck all of you," and stormed out.

I told his parents that I was going to go, even though they offered to make me some coffee or tea.  They seemed like such sweet people.  Too bad their son was such a jerk.


  1. FINALLY, a story where the girl doesn't say, "I wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, so I got into his car and let him drive me to an unknown destination"

  2. ^ I'll second that. Something tells me there was a well-organized ex-girlfriend hidden under all that stuff.

    Good thing you TRUNK-ated that date in a hurry!

  3. While he is ultimately responsible for his own, I can't help but thinking his parents have at least a small part in his behavior.

  4. Seems like they spoiled the crap out of him. When will parents start actually raising their kids again? (At least so we don't have to deal with brats). I mean, I would be afraid to use the f-word in front of my mother, let alone say that to her.


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