Where Does One Find a Pea Outfit?

E-mail Submitted by Cynthia:

Dating around means haveing an open mind.  It means being challenged a lot and learning new things about other people and about yourself.  Sometimes, there are things that you like that other people don't like.  Sometimes, there are things that other people like that you don't like.  We have to accept these things.

I would like to dress up as a princess, and have you dress up ain a green outfit (made of cotten-and I have it already) as a pea.  Princess and the pea.

I have a lightweight mattress it's never been used and I want to put it on top of you and I want to sleep on it.  Not really sleep just pretend.  Then at the end you say "squish" and then we make love.

As I said above, dating means having an open mind and trying new things and this is harmless (no s&m or chains) and it would mean so much to me.  Green pea suit provided at no cost to you.  Just you, me as a princess, and a beautiful warm night.

I await your mail, my hopeful pea!



  1. Please tell me this isn't real... "Squish"? Really??

  2. I'm not surprised the mattress has never been used.

  3. This might be rather vanilla, as kinks go. Nikki?

  4. Yet another fantastic example of why I am happily single. I do not get this. It's like the balloon popping thing going around right now. Head scratchers.

  5. *spittake* Why'd you turn to me, Jared?!

    But yes, this is fairly mild, I guess. I still don't understand why HE wants to be the princess and still make love to a girl, but hey, crossdressing is also a fairly innocuous kink. I say go for it.

    PS: Anyone else concerned that there are so many people out there who are throwing their kinks up prior to meeting people first? That's just unsafe. (see almost any Dan Savage column)

  6. I wonder how long she's supposed to wait before she says "squish"?

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I hate these email ones. It's just filler.

  9. Nikki: Yeah, it's a little odd to me too. What happened to 'what happens behind closed doors...'?

    Gotta say, the kink's not unusual itself. The weird is the 'Hi! We just met! This is how I like to fuck!'

  10. hahaha! echai, I think that last bit is brilliant. Jared needs to make that a new tag for some of these stories. ;D


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