They Were Done for His Photoartistry Thesis

E-mail Submitted by Doreen:

It shouldn't have to take me getting naked to get you to go out with me! I've had nude photos of myself done artistically by a photoartist.  I can send them upon your response.

I'm a self-made man with high income and a great solid body.  You can chip a tooth on my pecs and I have nude photos.  I can send them.

I cook healthy meals and can enjoy time spend in or out.  Reply to see my photos.

Your profile says that you're a dreamer and a musician.  I like those.  I have photos to send you if you respond to this message.



  1. I wonder if he has any photos he can send...

  2. This sounds like all those spam messages you get that sound like, "HI! I saw ur profile on Facebook and wanted 2 send you hott pics of me because I think we could be friends. Wanna trade pics?"

  3. Ahahaha! Also, my captcha was "duche." Fantastic.


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