I Knew that I Had Saved My Nemesis's Address for Something

E-mail Submitted by Paul:

hey u im a good lookinwoman from florida come up 2 newyork 2 meet real pppl i have 2 kids who r my life and we need a place 2 stay.

if u let us stay with u for a short time ill pay u back for everything and more.  my sister lives in jersey.

it will take us 4 days 2 get there since im travling with my 2 beutiful kids.  we wont stay with u lnog we just need a place 2 stay for a short time.

my 2 kids are stephen and josephina and they are quiet and good kids.

when can we move in with u.

we wont stay long i promise we just need a place for a short time.  ill cook and clean and you can just sit back after a day of work and manking money.

i lost my job working at a sales store and me and we our kids need a place to live not for a long time just a quick stay.

thank u and godbless.



  1. I lost it at, "our kids."

  2. Haha, maybe it was a typo like all the others, Jared?

    Where did this email come from, Paul? Was it a typical spam email that occasionally shows up in one's inbox by mistake, or did this come from a dating site with a legitimate profile attached to it?

    And finally...what darkness clouds her relationship with her sister to the point that that woman couldn't take her family in?!


  3. This is either some creeper who wants to get into his house & rob him blind while he's at work; or a really pitiful situation where she's willing to possibly put herself & her children in danger just to have a roof over their heads. Sads...

  4. "when can we move in with u"

    This crazy chick has some huge balls

  5. Is that a diagram of a necklace Nikki? A tiara? Cold sores on this chick's upper lip?


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