What Sisters Are For

Story Submitted by Margaret:

Nick and I were on a second date and he was over at my family's house (I had offered to cook him dinner) when he met my older sister (with whom I have a great relationship), Brenda.

It was a quick meeting – Brenda was in and out – but as soon as she left, Nick asked me, "Is she single?"

The question was strange, but I told him that she was.

He said, "Good.  I know someone who I could set her up with."

That was a strange thing to say, as he hardly exchanged five sentences with her.  I didn't give it much thought, though, and the rest of dinner went fine, although in retrospect, Nick seemed distracted.

Brenda told me, the next day, that Nick had sent her a friend request and she had accepted it.

That night, Brenda showed me some messages that Nick had sent her.  They were benign, nothing racy, but he was asking her questions about herself, and nowhere did he mention that he was hoping to set her up with someone.

I mentioned this to Brenda, but she blew it off.  "He's just being friendly," she said.

The next time I spoke with Nick, I asked him about the messages he sent to Brenda.  He essentially parroted what she said: "Oh, they were just friendly.  Friendly, friendly, friendly."

Fine.  I asked him if he wanted to meet up again and he said that he'd let me know when he was around.

A few nights later, Brenda went out and wasn't back for a couple of hours.  This wasn't too unusual.  What was unusual was what she told me when she came back, after 10pm.

We sat down in the kitchen and she said that she had been out with Nick that night.  Apparently, he had asked her to hang out but instructed her not to tell me.  She went out with him to test his intentions, he tried to "put the moves" on her, and she told him that he was an asshole and to stay away from both me and herself.

"You won't be hearing from him again," she predicted.  I gave her a big hug.

She was right.  I didn't.


  1. Well that was nice. Older sister looking out for her younger sister instead of banging the guy behind her back. Refreshing.

  2. And they never found his body...

  3. I'm the Mediator — the sister banged the guy behind her back and they both came up with a great, no-strings-attached excuse.

    Wait, that's not what you meant??!!

  4. Churro that was exactly what I was thinking hahaha

  5. I prefer to believe otherwise.

  6. Yeah. Something's not quite right. If a date of my sister's had asked me to hang out and told me not to tell her, I would have told her right away without hesitation. Don't know why the sister didn't say anything to OP before going out with Nick. Sounds fishy.


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