Water. That Is All.

E-mail Submitted by Tracy:

I haven't seen anyone like you on here.  Why should you be here, amongst the riffraff of common rifraff? 

As I am into astrology, I read the charts this mrning and they told me that smething special was to happen today.  Could that something special be you?  I would like it to be you and me together.

How can we do this?  Is there a way to proceed?


I am a fire elemental.  If you are also fire, we can join in union.  If you are earth or air, then do not be afraid, for I can control myself enough to not possess you.  If you are water, then alas, we cannot flow together at this time.  Which are you?

Fire, earth, or air?  Please no waters I'm seirous.



  1. Earth, Air, Fire, Water... what about Heart? This guy's an element-cist.

  2. Geez, he could have at least included a like to one of the FB quizzes so she could find out which element she was...

  3. HE'S A HERO!


  5. You should always stop reading after you see the words "As I am into astrology..."


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