I Know a Good Place to Plant My Foot

E-mail Submitted by Catherine:


Still have any of that spandex or lace left?  I know something actually useful we can do with it all.



  1. After seeing his reaction to seeing someone online who "used to do ballet", I wonder what it would be like for him if someone took him to an actual ballet? Would he be in tears from laughter? Would he be ROFLing in real life? Would he piss his pants? I'm not sure what's so entertainingly hilarious about ballerinas to him, but I'd say he has it easy. Whenever he gets depressed, all he has to do is type "ballet" into YouTube and he's fine. I'm honestly jealous.

  2. I thought for a brief moment that this was a girl messaging a guy, as the reaction was unnecessarily over the top. Then I read the names and was just plain confused.


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