Dinner and Violence

Story Submitted by Travis:

Amy and I found each other online and our first date was at a great Thai place close to both of our houses.  I paid for dinner, and noted that she didn't offer to pay the tip or even thank me.

After dinner, I suggested coffee and dessert.  She was up for it, and volunteered a nearby mom and pop diner.

We ordered coffees and small sundaes, and when the check came, I asked if if she'd want to split it.

"Oh... okay," she said, obviously caught off guard.

She opened her purse, rummaged through it, sighed, opened up all the pockets, closed all the pockets, turned it over, opened up all the pockets again, pulled out her wallet, tried opening it the wrong way, opened it the right way, looked through each little nook and cranny, and finally pulled out a $20 bill.

"That's the smallest I have," she said.

I said, "They can make change."

We walked for a little ways afterward and she asked, "Why didn't you pay for dinner?"

I said, "I did.  You didn't thank me.  Remember?"

She said, "No, we split dinner.  I pulled out that $20."

I reminded her, "That was coffee and ice cream that we split."

"No, I think it was dinner."

"Dinner at Orchid Thai was $26, all of which I paid myself.  What we just did was dessert.  Regardless of whether or not you count it as part of dinner, we did not split dinner.  I paid for the vast majority of everything, tonight."

"And now you're pissed about it?" she said.

"No," I replied, "Just correcting your statement."

"Shut up," she said, then slapped me.

I took a moment to walk myself back through what had happened the instant before, then turned and walked away.

She sent me several text messages over the next few days, calling me an asshole and telling me that she'd be up for another date (?).  Not me, though.  I don't do crazy.


  1. This is one of those cases where I feel a girl deserves a slap in return.

  2. Where is this magical Thai place that serves two dinners for $26?

  3. I generally don't offer to pay anything on the first date, but will on subsequent dates. It's just the old-fashioned part of me. I like the guy to pay. But I ALWAYS say thank you for dinner. She didn't need to go psycho like that. What a weirdo.

  4. Great story. Reminds me of one my favorite Incubus lyrics, "I've had enough of our world and its people's mindless games."

  5. I'm w/ Nomatophobia - at our local Thai restaurants you're lucky to get 1 dinner and 1 non-alcoholic drink for $26

  6. I live in Portland and most Thai places around here charge $6-7 for lunch, $9-10 for dinner. So $26 sounds about right if they had drinks as well.

  7. I think this woman has watched too many old black and white movies, were slapping the man was sexy.

  8. Maybe she was going to thank you for dinner at the end of the date, and you went and blew it by asking for half of desert.
    She probably went weirdie to get rid of you.

  9. Baku-chan has a good point...

  10. I don't think the $26 is the issue here cprep... it's more about "getting hit in the face."

  11. My take is that she considered the sundaes part of dinner and was going to give you dessert back at her place.

    The slap, therefore was foreplay.

    Seriously, 'M' has it right.

  12. $26 bucks for dinner, oh wow what a gentleman. the fact that you made a point about it and brought up the price like you're keeping a tab.. sounds like you're both losers


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