Thank You. I Guess. Idiot.

E-mail Submitted by Christopher:

You look like a diff person in every one of your pics.  Every one of them is ugly tho.  Maybe you should find less ugly people to be in your photos of you.  If their all you then shouldnt you be less ugly?  Just a thought take it or leave it.

I have good tips and know the number of a good plasteo surgeon.  Sresoisly I think it can help.  My friends say I'm blunt but they always thank me for being truthful.



  1. Blunt.. not the word I was thinking of but it does rhyme with blunt.

  2. i'm slightly confused. did she think the op was stealing pictures of various ugly people? because the question "If their all you then shouldnt you be less ugly?" (grammar issues aside) makes no logical sense to me. am i missing something?

  3. In my experience, most people who say variations of "I just speak my mind," "I'm blunt like that," "I tell it like it is, take it or leave it" are morons who have no filter between their brain and mouth, instantly blurting out whatever stupidity pops up in the old noggin' -- and they take that as a point of pride.

  4. ^ oooch...you said the word Nikki...

  5. How much of a bitch do you have to be to take the time to insult the looks of someone you don't know? And to this degree!

    Oh wait, we do that all the time. Maybe Mandy would like to come over to this blog and spread some truth.

  6. Mandy could rejuvenate the "fat bitch" jokes for us. Maybe add some new ones.

    And Howie, we all know that I'm the Reigning Queen of the C-Bombs.

    ...oh, and I'm just a blunt person who tells it like it is. People find it refreshing, I'm sure. ;p

  7. ^ That's one of the many reasons I like ya!

  8. I wonder how Howie and Nikki are doing now, six years later. Did they ever get that divorce? Their son should be four by now. Ah, the turbulent love of a blog chat room never ceases to amaze.


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