Sterilization: It's What's for Dinner

E-mail Submitted by William:

Hey.  I almost never do this but I really liked your profile and I wanted to say hi.  The last time I wrote a guy, he didn't respond so I kept writing him until he did.  He asked me not to write him anymore!  That's what you get for persistence I suppose...

I pulled a prank n my cousin last year in which I filled her winter boots with kool whip.  She was so mad that she locked me out of her house and her parents had to let me back in.  She's seven and so cute.  For revenge I locked her in the attic but forgot there was no heat up there!  Oops my bad. >D  Got in huge trouble for that too.

I'm random.  My friends tell me I'm random all the time.  I enjoy living life to the fullest and having fun in every moment.  Write me.



  1. I didn't know 14 year olds were allowed on dating sites... Maybe they make exceptions if you're really random?

  2. Yes random people get special privileges obviously

  3. Oh god, not another "Elle oh elle, I'm RANDOM" Girl, most of them don't even know what random means..

  4. Random in this case seems destructive and possibly violent.

    Let her into your life at your own risk! She may never leave...

  5. She's obviously a post-modernist, you guys. She's all for the celebration of the random and breaking down the fourth wall so her dates know that she's actually a whack job.


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