You're So Polite. Why Not?

E-mail Submitted by Sara:

I'll give you one scenario I think could be likely. Obviously not a first date, but, we're on a bed, kissing. I kiss your neck, I kiss behind your ear, and down to your shoulders I Tantalizingly, and slowly ill unbutton your top.

I tie your left wrist to the headboard, and slowly do the same to your right hand. Gently. You can lie back and just enjoy- Letting me take over- completely.

Biting my lip I'd meet your eyes from down at your waist, releasing the panty covered skin as it quivers with whet anticipation.

hope you had a good holiday.  cool date would be at target / kmart to get a slushy.  That would be fun.

Now, give me your phone number, we are going out. Almost forgot my manners, Please - of course.



  1. ^**Lust Slushy

    Man, I'll have to join a dating site, just to get some erotica to get me and hot and "whet" for my boyfriend.

    Pardon me while I change my panties...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. ^ Pardon me now while I 'take things into my own hands'...but eww..not in a gas station bathroom. That's just sick...Although I do like to pump Ethyl there.

  4. That's like some weird combo of a penthouse forum story and 11 year old's idea of a good date....

  5. @Cheri
    I was going to say it was almost as if he copied the first part out of a magazine he keeps under his mattress, but then ruins it all with his idea of a good date.

    But for f*cks sake, seriously? A slushy from KMart would be a "cool date"? Maybe afterwards they can go home and sort his comic books? Then his mom will make nachos and if he's lucky he can have soda with dinner.

  6. Every time I feel like I want to comment on one of these stories, I realize there's no need to. Everything I want to say has already been posted. Thank you all.


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