Story Submitted by Laura:

Vince wrote me three e-mails on a dating site over the course of a year before I wrote him back.  There weren't any red flags that had stopped me from replying to him in the first place, but he just came off as boring, and his profile was full of what seemed like canned answers to the match questions.

I liked his persistence, though, and he seemed nice enough.  We communicated through e-mail and I agreed to meet up with him on a Saturday evening for drinks.

I arrived first at the bar and there was no sign of him.  After a half hour, I wrote him an e-mail (as we hadn't exchanged numbers) to find out where he was.

Vince wrote back almost instantly: "NOW you respond to my e-mails?  I sent you over a dozen over the past year.  See what it's like being stood up!  Haha!"

He had not sent me anything near a dozen, but I knew how to deal with him.  I called up some girlfriends and two ended up coming by.  We took three pictures of ourselves in sultry poses and I e-mailed them to him, writing, "Don't worry about it!  My girlfriends came by and we're having a blast!"

No response, and I wasn't expecting one.

But then he arrived at the bar.

He stared at me from across the room.  I pointed him out to my friends and they smiled and waved and I beckoned him over.

He sat down in a booth and stared at us the entire rest of the time that we were there, which wasn't long, given the fact that a creepy guy was staring at us.  We went to my friend's house and spent the night there and that was the last I saw or heard of Vince.

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  1. Churro has obviously been ignored all his life lol


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