Pin the Blame on the Wrong Lady

Story Submitted by Miranda:

Back in my early twenties, Peter and I were out to dinner on our first (and only) date when he excused himself to use the bathroom.

He came back after being gone a while.  I asked, him, "Is everything okay?"

He replied that it was, and I didn't think anything else of it.

Not long after, a waiter approached our table and asked him, "Excuse me, sir?  Did you just clog the toilet?"

Peter said, "I don't think so," then asked me, "Was it you?" then turned back to the waiter.  "It might have been her."

Stunned, I replied, "Why would I have clogged the men's room toilet?"

The waiter said to me, "Our bathroom's unisex, and since you didn't know that," he turned to Peter, "Then it must have been you.  Please let a member of the staff know next time instead of just letting it sit.  Thank you."

The waiter walked off.  Peter asked me, "Sorry.  I just killed this date, didn't I?"

I said, "I think I'm going to go," and I did.


  1. I honestly doubt this even happened, no waiter would be that rude.
    I call fake.

  2. Well, that depends. If it was some super high class restaurant, they might have decided that embarrassing this one customer (one they probably wouldn't mind if he never came back), was better than the other patrons who would have been disgusted by the state of their bathroom.

    Also, blaming your bathroom indiscretions on your date? Class act. All the way.

  3. At least he recognized that he totally ruined any chance with the OP. Finally, a bad date that isn't the author and that immediately recognizes his/her immense fuck up.

  4. Of the people I know who have worked in food service, a half-dozen of them have snapped at customers. I can see this happening, for sure.

  5. @ theMediator - If it was some super high class restaurant, there would not have been just one toilet.

  6. @Baku-chan

    And that bathroom wouldn't be unisex.

  7. As much as a clogged toilet sucks to deal with, you don't go hunt somebody down at their table and chastise them.

    You would more likely spit or jizz in their burger behind the scenes. Not that I would have done this, but I know plenty of a-holes that have.

  8. Ah, you got me Baku-chan, I was just trying to rationalize the circumstances... should have known better.


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