Not-So-Great Expectations

E-mail Submitted by Anna:

It's not everyday you meet someone special, but I just read your profile and think that today is better than everyday.

Your pictures and words make you into a complete package - the package that someone will use to decide whether or not to start a conversation with you.

I believe that you are like my very first girlfriend, and she was by far the best out of all of them.  I measure people up based on her, and other girlfriends too.  Now don't go thinking that you're going t be compared to her forever.  And it won't be with everything.

Again, please forgive me, you won't be compared to her.  In the realms of:

1. Sex - duh.
2. Emotionality
3. Psyhchology
4. Body type (but you don't seem to have a problem there!)
5. Kindness

You will be compared, but you probably won't even know it's happening.  You might be more important to me than she ever was, but only time will tell, right?

I'll ask you the following questions and we'll see together:

1. Do you like the beach?
2. Do you like anal?
3. Do you like winter or summers better?
4. Who are your favorite authors?
5. Do you like Charles Dickens?
6. What's your fav country?
7. Tell me about your childhood.

That's it.  Thank you for getting back so soon.



  1. I love how anal made the list. He tried to sneak that right in there between the beach and fine literature. Haha.

  2. i'm with kristin. that cracked me up.

    ps kristin, it's nice to meet another one who spells it with an "i" instead of an "e"!

  3. If he wouldn't judge based on emotions, psychology, sex, body and kindness... what WOULD he compare?

  4. Ashley, he would compare them based on the looseness of their anuses.

  5. YES! This is like the guy who slipped in a cum joke in the middle of an otherwise really nice email!!!! I swear to God, emails like this need to start getting their own tag...

  6. I loved that one too, Nikki:

    ...completely harmless... ...completely harmless... ...and all over your tits... ...completely harmless...


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