If He Left Before Dessert, He's Been Punished Enough

Story Submitted by Shelly:

Brad and I ended up sitting next to each other at a kids' soccer game wherein both of our younger siblings happened to be playing.

We had a good conversation for over an hour, and he asked me what I was doing after the game.  I wasn't up to anything that I couldn't get out of, and he asked me on a date, then and there.  He even offered to drive.

"I know a great place," he said.

After the game, I climbed into his car, and we were off.  I figured that we'd be going someplace nearby, in town.  He drove into the countryside, and I asked him where we were going.

He pulled over to the side of the road near a cornfield and jumped out of the car.

"I want to show you something," he said.

I followed him out, and he ran back to the car and drove away, leaving me there, at the side of the road.

He forgot that I had my cell phone on me, and I called my parents to come pick me up.

I got in touch with a friend of his through a friend of mine, and I found out that he was angry at an ex-girlfriend and that he wanted to take it out on someone, so he chose me.

I told everyone I could about it, and the next time I saw him, at a big community dinner, a bunch of my friends went after him to get him to apologize, but he took off.


  1. Please don't get into cars with strangers. You're lucky all he did was leave you there!

  2. "I got into a stranger's car, got out in the middle of a field....and then he showed me his Satan-worshiping cult." (Still my fave story ever on this site.)

    As you mature, Shelly, and grow older, you'll realize not to do stupid shit like this and that you don't have to "tell everyone you know" and have your friends go "after him to get him to apologize." Sheesh.

  3. Take your anger out on someone completely unrelated to the problem?

    Dick move, buddy, dick move.


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