I'll Think About it

E-mail Submitted by Tabitha:

I can't believe you're single.  I'm single too.  Already one thing we have in common.

I'm an average guy with above-average intelligence.  (Two things we have in common.).  I have a great job and I'm compitently independent.

I want to kiss you so hard that I suck your intestines out through your mouth.  That cool?

Think about it,


  1. No, not cool.

  2. That would give him a mouthful of intestines, wouldn't it? Yum.

  3. "compitent?"

    Think I saw that movie on Syfy. Or maybe it was one of those B movies they played Saturday afternoons when I was a kid...

    Kind of like my intestines right where they are, thanks.

  4. ...wouldn't it be faster to get to the intestines from the vaginal cavity? Think about it.

  5. ^ The vaginal cavity doesn't lead to the intestines, so no.

  6. Baku-1 Howie-0

  7. I meant only via proximity...fine...I'll have to go there Baku-chan! You made me!

    Wouldn't it be faster to get to the intestines from the sphincter?

  8. Yes Howie, much faster.

    Baku-1, Howie-1

  9. I love when the postings on here (stories and comments) make me do a real life water spit-take. I missed all of you while I was on vacation. <3


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