The Bleeps, the Sweeps, the Creeps, and the Feets

Story Submitted by Jaime:

Ann and I were on a second date, back at her place, watching a movie in her living room.  We were cuddling close, and I was expecting some kissing to commence.

She broke away from me and asked me if I wanted to see something.

Without waiting for a response, she peeled off her socks and showed me her feet.  They were scarred and wrinkled and withered-looking.  Altogether unpleasant, and certainly not a mood-enhancer.

I asked her what happened, and she said that she burned them in an accident when she was younger.  Then she said that she did it on purpose.  Then she said that there was nothing wrong with her feet and that she was proud of them.

She said, "It's not genetic, though, so no chance of passing it on to my kids."

Really?  You don't pass burned feet on to offspring?  I never would've guessed.

Then, she asked, "Want to touch them?  They're really weird."

I told her that I was good for the time being, and that I wanted to return to watching the movie.

She left her socks off for the rest of the film, and I left shortly afterward.  It gave me the creeps.


  1. Well this date was...actually this dosn't sound so bad. If I had to go out on a limb and guess Ann's motivation I'd say she was fed up with guys meeting her liking her and then seeing her feet then running away. I guess she just wanted to cut the crap and find someone who liked her for who she is and not what her feet looked like. Shame on you Jaime for being a superficial prick and I hope you get testicular cancer in both balls.

  2. I was with you up until the cancer part, Ipdar, Geez!

    OP does sounds like a prick though.

  3. Right, he's a "superficial prick" for worrying about his safety around someone who lit her feet on fire ON PURPOSE.

  4. I can understand wanting to weed-out guys who can't deal with her scars from the start; but a little bit of explanation before whipping out her feet could've gone a long way...

  5. Mediator, I love how often you and I agree. A little back story and build up (right on, Cheri) would have been helpful. Explain WHY she burned her feet on purpose. And maybe find a better time to do it than a second date while you're watching a movie. :P

  6. Right back at cha' Nikki.

    I could be understanding of "I was in an accident when I was younger, but I'm not letting that hold my life back." And I could understand a desire not to invest 6 months in a relationship before finding out if the guy could handle it.

    But seriously, let him start liking you for your personality first, or at the very least have some tact about it.


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