I Can Cook, Clean, and Be Good-Looking

E-mail Submitted by Charlotte:

I do home improvement, almost always by myself and a wall I built in my house came crashing down last night.  Some of the roof came down with it.  It wasn't my fault since it had water damage from a long time ago.

Now I can't live in my house as its winter and I need a good place to stay for a little bit.  I can cook, clean, be goodlooking and do home improvement for modest fees.  I can stay in a guest bed or your bed but not a couch since I have back problems.

If you have kids or work with kids you can work with I can work with them and can be that part of my payment.



  1. But can you be be badlooking? I'm expecting trick-or-treaters.

  2. He wants the kids to be part of his payment?

  3. In return for your hospitality, I'll use my home improvement skills to tear down your house too!


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