When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

Story Submitted by Irene:

James and I had completed dinner on our first date and were taking a walk when we stopped at a bridge and he turned to me.

"I have a problem, a sort of medical condition that you've probably noticed."

I studied his face and looked him up and down.  Nothing stuck out, aside from a small mole on his forehead.

He said, "I get a lot of erections."

I couldn't help but glance at his crotch.  It looked like any other guy's crotch covered in slacks.  He said, "See?" and pushed his man-bits out towards me.

I nodded.  I couldn't think of what to say.  I asked, "Is that rough?"

He nodded and stepped closer to me.  I stepped away.  He changed the subject and talked about his job.  I couldn't help but notice him edging closer and closer to me, which I corrected by stepping further and further away from him.

"Okay, I guess not," he said, and looked out from the bridge, then said, "Let's keep going."

We walked on a bit further and passed a gas station.  He asked me to wait a moment while he ran inside to use the bathroom.

He was gone for a few minutes and came back out with a big grin and the words, "That's much better, now.  If you know what I mean."

I smiled and nodded, but drew the date to a quick close and opted to not treat myself to a second time out with him.


  1. Oh Sawyer, are you this unfortunate boy who suffers from chronic supplement-enhanced boners? I'm sorry she didn't see you anymore, but jerking off in a gas station bathroom is sketch as all get out.

  2. What's really funny is that he kept getting erections all night and she couldn't even tell!

  3. I guess he'd be great to have around if you liked to play horse shoes or ring toss?

  4. ^^Or if you need a place to hang your hat/coat.

  5. ^^^Or if you need to know the answer to 101-100 really quickly.

  6. ^^^^Definitely caused a restrained "office lol".


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