Foreign Men Really Are Better at This Romance Thing

E-mail Submitted by Brianne:

I want to use, you to create a super biz. I am interested in creating a relationship to support my agenda. My priorities are Sexual fulfillment, Love is required. Family is to be fulfilling as our self friends, yours and mine. Wealth is very important to me, I am Desiring a love that can help you and I obtain alot of wealth.

I really want to know if we are compatible and to what percentage and what percentage if we dicovered the most intellegent pathways to each others hearts.

I really intend to have a party tommorow,
A) Have the ulimate food and achole first time drinking if do in 2 1/2 yaers.
B) have a custume partie,1)Underwear2)Gods3)Hollywood4)Nothing at all
C) Play Truth and Dare! 1) with Kineology 2) with wild life postive fun.
D) Have a Tantric Dance of sexual loving, united in healing.

Hope it goes well Write me Back! Thanks, D'

P.S. I like you but mostly want to use you to get to were i want to go i intend to be very glad that I picked you and very grateful that you are mine.

I am happy to maybe have you and thankful, I have allot to forgive in my life. and am trying to be stead fast to master most importantly the creation of a Ineffable. O holy Night of Beutiful sleep bring to me you and the inoccence and the pure illumination of the connection we can share and the meaningfullness of us.

I really want to share with you but am very wise and in prosuit of the wisedom that i am not to surreneder i will strenghten myself till i actualize my hearts desireful field of fruit. Maybe desirefull dreams come to your heart of great sweetness from mine. please party with me for our first date if you maybe intreged to tommorow.

This letter is a recap of what i went through thinking about you, I rejoiced in the last of this message and experienced great emotions of reverance, I Would like feedback Did this message make you feel compatible and strong if you are a godess or weak and undesireable? Please tell me how appropriate this is as well i am curious!

I usually am trying to express myself as best i can. I have this desire to be friends. but getting close means allot of dimopatic arguments. if you read this all hey thanks, i am really tired bye. ohhhhh i dont want to send this but i will anyway please forgive me!


  1. I googled "dimopatic" to see what it meant, but the first hit, in the entire universe, was this blogpost...

  2. I want this blog to come up first for all made-up words ever.

  3. Jared, you have the best life ever. Thank you for being the reason why I get to read things like this.

  4. Wow, what an email! For such a business proposition it had bad spelling and terrible grammar! That is a deal breaker for me. I'm out

  5. Reading from the posts today backwards, I'm starting to get a little disheartened that more and more of the sketchy emails are just turning out to be spam messages, the kind that almost any one could get. I wish that I could believe that there really was someone out there who decided to just randomly message people online to try and find someone he could use in an orgy, or perhaps to convince his parents that he's not gay.

    More "Princess and the Pea" emails!

  6. Beside the fact that I couldn't understand half of this, I did get the gist: He's a pimp.

    I think I'm going to use his party options on my next invitation. Although I'm not sure how to use Kinesiology in playing Truth or Dare. Isn't that more like Twister?


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