Don't Leave Me in Suspense. What Happens on the Hammock?

E-mail Submitted by Tamika:

I like your profile.  I'm going to go a step further and not just ask you on a date but also describe to you what we will do on it:

1. I'll pick you up in my cleaned car.  We'll be dressed to impress.
2. Minigolf or skeet shooting.  Your choice.  I prefer skeet shooting.
3. Dinner at a candlelit Italian place where they have non-stop spaghetti on Tuesdays, Wenesdays, and Thursdays.
4. We will be full of spaghetti but dessert should never be refused ;).  We could have pretzel sticks dipped in homemade ice cream at my house.  I swear they're good and you've never tried anything like them.
5. My back porch is secluded and warm!  You could collapse into sleep back there, on the hammock.  I would be waiting for you to close your eyes and then
6. ................

A great night and I know just what to do.  I have it all planned, all I need is you!



  1. I know I always put on my best dress for skeet-shooting...

  2. ...he doesn't mention that 'pretzel sticks in homemade ice cream' is a euphemism for his salty cock and jizz.

  3. :-o

    I'm not one to shout this, but this definitely sounds like a premeditated ABCOTR!

  4. ^
    5. My back porch is SECLUDED and warm! You could collapse* into sleep back there, on the hammock. I would be waiting for you to close your eyes and then.
    6. ................ date rap_.

    * due to the affect of the rohypnol I have meticulously put in the pretzel sticks dipped in homemade ice cream at my house

  5. It's not rape if you yell SURPRISE!

  6. ^No. It's something much, much worse.

  7. Best part was Howie's comment :)


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