Why Haven't You Corrected it Yet?

E-mail Submitted by Tanya:

hows it that you have pictues of yourself all dressed up fancy but the words dont match with your picture?  Ill have an example right here:

"I like fun nights out" is rom your profile.  Nowhere in your profile is there a picture of you having a "fun" night out.  Correct this.

"I spent a year in Africa after college, and I have some amazing stories to share."  Is from your profile.  Where at the pictures of you in africa?  Correct it.

"I like movies, good books, and cooking" is from your profile.  Is boring.  Correct it.  Maybe then we can talk yeah



  1. Wow, this is just as ridiculous rude and presumptuous as the woman who called the OP a whore (basically) for having a picture of herself with two guy friends as her profile picture. I bet this guy doesn't get a lot of dates. Or if he does, he's already been a bad date on this site in the past.

  2. Why is it that you have a complete lack of tact and terrible manners. Correct it.

  3. You have poor grammar and spelling. Correct it.

  4. I am *loving* the sketchy emails section :D


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