When Confession Just Won't Cut it

E-mail Submitted by Ron:

You seem like a great guy, so you're prob single because of other dumbgirls!

Dumbgirls are girls I call stupid, dumb, or those who don/t appreciate a good thing when they have it!  Dumbgirls treat guys like you bad, and other girls (smartgirls) like me are left to deal with it. 

I like to deal with it (well, I don't like to deal with it but I'm used to dealin with it.  There's a difference.)  and you can   Guys are messed up because girls treat them bad I know that now.

I had a friend in high school but he wanted to be more than friends and I just strung him along fo so long and now he's dead and I can't tell him anything anymore.  I felt so bad and now I'm being nice to every nice guy I can to say I'm sorry.

Please please please please please please please please write back, just so I know you got this.

Love to you and all nice guys everywhere,


  1. Amazing story, but I would challenge the girl's assertion that she is one of the "smartgirls". Her email would betray her as one of the other ones... (hint: they're too dumb to know they're dumb!)

  2. This is messed up. It seems like anytime Greta comes across a guy that reminds her of the deceased she suffers from guilt and needs validation from a stranger that she isn't a bad person for taking advantage of the high school boy.

  3. I think the letter is heartbreaking and heartfelt, and extremely stupid.

    Thor says that it's precisely in line with how he views females.


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