Two Accidents

Story Submitted by Annie:

John was an Internet find back in my early 20s.  I had dreaded the idea of looking online, but two of my best girlfriends had found their boyfriends through dating websites.

John and I had a few things in common, like writing fantasy fiction, ballroom dancing, and clubbing.  He was also articulate and easy on the eyes.

We met at a coffee shop in the late afternoon.  He gave me a big hug and planted a wet kiss right on my lips.

"Whoa buddy, slow down," I said.

He smiled and led me inside.  We chatted over coffee.  Myself about my aspirations, family, and history.  Himself about how much he hated sitting for his little brother, who was, apparently, 17 years younger then he was.

"My parents fuck a lot," he said, "But protection didn't work last time.  He was an accident, and I never let him forget it.  Were you an accident?"

"I don't think so."

"Your parents would never tell you.  Most of us were probably accidents."

I'm pretty sure that I was an intentional birth.  He went on, "Want to meet my brother?  You'll see what I'm talking about."

He stood up before I could respond and went on, "It won't take long.  I have to go home to check on something anyway."

I followed him to his house and inside.  No one else seemed to be home.  "Wait down here," John told me, "I just have to check on the little accident."

I couldn't believe it: he had left his little brother alone in the house to nap as he went out to meet me in the coffee shop!

He went upstairs and came back down after a minute.  He walked toward the door, as if he was ready to continue with the date and abandon his brother again in the house.

I said, "You're not going to leave your little brother alone here.  He's three!"

"He's not my kid!" John said, "Why do I always have to take care of him?"

John and I ordered in Chinese, he tried to kiss me about six more times, and I left soon after finishing my food (the cost of which we had split).

"Why didn't you call child services?" I can hear you asking.

I did.  He got in huge trouble.  And we never went on another date.


  1. Somewhere out there, a little kid has grown up slightly less messed up than he otherwise would have, thanks to you.

  2. Annie, thank you for being a basically good human being.

  3. ^ Agreed. Too many people keep quiet over things like this because they think they're being nosy.

  4. My dad told me I was an accident. Loudly. In a restaurant. At a table full of my friends. I turned out fine. *twitch*

  5. ^ What did he mean?
    Some dripped outta your moms mouth onto herself and she was impregnated?

  6. Who knows with hippies. I try not to think about it.

  7. I'm with easy on the eyes, his parents should be responsible for their own accident and that . I'm sure he'll have his own soon enough.

    Tough call on bringing in CPS, but I think she made the right one, whoever is responsible.


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