The Surprise Wasn't in the Trunk, After All

Story Submitted by Amy:

Jack came across as a guy who was all together.  He had a good job, said that he had a good relationship with his family, and was very nice to me, at first.

There was a park that was easy walking distance from my house, and he said that he'd pick me up from there for our date.

He drove up in a new-looking Buick and I climbed in.  He leaned in to kiss me, and I gave him my cheek.  He said, "I got a surprise for you," jumped out of the car, and opened his trunk.

He was back there for a while when I heard him mumbling an expletive or two.  I called back, "Is everything all right?"

He didn't respond, but I knew that something was wrong.  I jumped out of the car, and he poked his head away from the trunk and toward me.  "Get back in the car," he said, "I'll be back inside in a sec."

I asked him if I could help him find whatever he was looking for, and he said, "No.  Get back in the car."

I did, and I waited another five minutes before jumping out of the car again. 

"What did I say?" he barked.

I said, "I'm tired of waiting.  If you forgot it, I don't care.  Let's just go on our date."

"Get back in the fucking car!" he yelled.

He continued to rummage through the trunk, throwing things onto the ground and cursing more and more.  I opened the car door and shut it, but I didn't climb in.  Instead, I took off.  He didn't see me leave, as his face was buried in the mess that I guessed was within his trunk.

Luckily, I had never given him my number (we communicated through e-mail only) and I was able to block him as soon as I made it back home.


  1. What is it with all of these control freaks? I wouldn't be at all surprised if he had slapped you next. Good thing you got away when you did!

  2. Good job, OP. This guy was most likely a small-penis control freak like the poster above mentioned, and he is probably prone to throwing hissy fits and crying for his mommy when things don't go his way. Bullet, meet dodge.

  3. I'm thinking you're lucky that YOU didn't end up in his trunk. Good job on the running away!

  4. Good job! Communicating with a guy through email only, and letting him pick you up.

  5. I'll bet he was looking for the duct tape. Clever escape.


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