Sneezy and Bashful

Story Submitted by Eddie:

Jess was a girl I met online a few years ago.  I don't remember much about her, but I do recall how the date ended.

We were out at a sidewalk cafe and talking about something or other when a sudden sneeze came on and I sneezed violently into her face.

She jumped out of her seat, yelled something, and wiped her face with a napkin.

As for me, my nose was drenched.  I apologized about 50 times, wiped off my nose as best as I could, and excused myself to go to the bathroom.

When I came back, she was gone, gone, gone.

Sorry, Jess.  Wherever you are.


  1. Could have been saved by mommy teaching you to cover your mouth when you sneeze. NO sneeze comes on too fast for that...or at minimum, you could turn your face into your shoulder. Loser.

  2. If your mom had been there, she could have sucked the snot off your faces for you. (Referencing creepy Asian woman on the bus during someone's date.)

  3. Oh gross, that thing about the woman sucking the snot out is STILL stuck in my head to this day. I'm only 22 but I have over 30 friends with babies (no older than 3 years), and I always accidentally think about them sucking the snot out of their babies... I think I just threw up in my mouth. :(

  4. That story actually made me gag, Nikki. Nasty.

  5. gross, why did you have to remind me of that story Nikki?


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