I Can Guess Why You Never Found Much Happiness With It

E-mail Submitted by Angie:

SO THINK FAST ---about me I look like Seal when I'm nude, I kiss like Dicaprio and I made it once with megan fox.... SIKE!!!!

I'm a self made man with simple wants and desires.  I see on your profile that you like movies and music - as do I.  All in all we have a LOT in common but it doesn't end there......

We both went to college, we're both into movies and music, and BOTH OF OUR NAMES START WITH THE LETTER A.  HOLY FUCK CALL RIPLEY'S.

Hi, IIm Andrew.  I'm not really like this, the way I wrote myself above.  I know what you're thinking: "Another guy, another liar/cheater/abuser" but hear me out and realize that I truly want to UNDERSTAND you and your feelings.  I'm not just out for a quick lay.  I tried it, never found much happiness with it.  This is me now.  Maybe I was like one of those guys once, but I'm not anymore.

Do I sound desperate?  I mean to sound honest.  HONESTY is sorely lacking in people today, and I'm a one man crusade to bring it back.  You are beautiful and I want you near me........

To us,


  1. Oooh, I wish I was a girl so I could date this guy!

  2. What a jumble. It sounds like each section of that was written by a different person. YIKES!

  3. ^ Seriously, I'm wondering if this guy has a split personality or something.


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